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    Napa Valley, California
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So, what do you do when you’re a seasoned grower in Napa Valley, selling your grapes over the years to the likes of Chateau Montelena, Phelps and Mondavi, and have a bit extra one year? You call up a local bud who happens to be a Cabernet specialist to make a few barrels for you. That’s exactly what Paul Segas did, and Invino just scooped up the last remaining cases the moment we tasted it. WHAT A PRICE!

Oak Knoll is one of Napa’s cooler sub-appellations, and this vineyard is tucked against the western hills of the Mayacamas range, next to incredible sites for $100 cab like Alpha Omega's Sunshine Valley. Fruit from this vineyard is also goes sold to wineries like Silver Oak, Mondavi and Inglenook! 2018 is a superb vintage here in Napa, and this wine got the no-holds-barred treatment -- it’s rich and mouthcoating, lavish and terrifically deep, ESPECIALLY considering our stunning price. 

Look for fresh and baked boysenberry flavors, torrefaction (that wonderful aroma of roasting coffee beans when you walk in your favorite coffee joint), mocha, licorice, and a tightly wound and powerful structure . A wine to hold onto for a few years, if you can, but we wouldn’t blame you a bit if you drank it now --- $35?!! Wild! Do what you must, we have about 40 cases and that’s IT!