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    Cabernet Sauvignon
    Rutherford, Napa Valley, California
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Rutherford Cabernet at this level is a RARITY to say the least! Wow!

** First - may we suggest maybe getting some in your cart and THEN reading this -- we will likely sell out!!

OK. Sorry to be so urgent,! Like many fans of great wine who come to visit Napa Valley, Terry Davis dreamed for years about becoming a part of the Napa Valley world of wine. Dreams have a way of becoming a reality. One beautiful night at a garden dinner party, he met winemaker, Wayne Donaldson (Moet Hennessey, Chandon, Martini…). During their conversation, Terry told him of his desire to make a great Cabernet. On the way out that night, Terry’s new best friend said if he came across the right grapes, he would give him a call. Next thing Terry knew, he and some friends had bought three tons of Diamond Mountain grapes, and the rest is history. The two have been making fine wines from all over the VALLEY FOR MANY YEARS NOW. 

We still can’t get over this price - did we make a mistake? Anyway, the wine is full, deep and luscious, packed with black plums and brambly wild blackberry, wet earth and toasty cigar box/Christmas spices. Just delicious and drinking WAY over our price. Amazing! Get it while it lasts!