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91pts, Wine Spectator
A rich, toasty style, displaying vanilla, gingerbread and whole-grain toast flavors, accented by citrus and hazelnut. There's adequate structure to keep this balanced and fresh on the finish.

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May we all rejoice for Champagne! The zesty sparkler is here to spread cheer and joy and all things wonderful in the world! Because as a life-rule, now this is important so pay attention, one should never decline Champagne when offered, regardless of time, place or situation. Champagne is essential for life’s positivity, it’s just a fact. Don’t argue with us.

As you can probably tell, we love our bubbles. And what we love even more is scoring some direct-to-cellar selections that we can offer you at smokin’ prices. This Gardet is no different! Yes, our affinity for Champagne at nearly 50% off retail is our gift to the masses. No one hoards Champagne like we do. You're welcome.

Blessed with 91pts from Wine Spectator, this simply delicious, rich, toasty, creamy citrus fruit infused, roasted nut, ginseng and freshly baked brioche elixir is fresh, lovely, balanced and just fantastic. You need this Champagne in your life. Especially at the $28 price point!  91pts! $28! It’s calling for you, dear friend.


Rich and toasty with notes of creamy citrus, ginseng, roasted nuts and freshly-baked brioche. Bright acid, fine bubbles and a fresh finish.


Maison Gardet was established in the late 19th century when Charles Gardet, an entrepreneurial shopkeeper, founded his House in Epernay. In the 1930s, his son Georges Gardet moved to Chigny-les-Roses to continue the tradition and develop the Champagne Gardet brand. The Prieux family, who has been working in the arboricultural and wine sectors for years, is now the proud owner of the House. Deeply attached to its roots in the Champagne region, Maison Gardet combines 21st century technology with the tradition inspired by the founder of the House, to produce champagnes of outstanding quality. In order to maintain the quality and character of its champagnes year after year, Maison Gardet takes advantage of the latest technological innovations to master every parameter of “methode champenoise” winemaking. This winemaking process is the key step in turning grapes into a heavenly drink; therefore, it is adapted to each of our cuvees to get the finest champagne.