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90pts, Wine Enthusiast
Tangy lime-peel, lemongrass and lime-leaf aromas make for a very sharp entry to this bottling. The palate is also very tangy and acid-driven, showing flavors of grapefruit peel, Meyer lemon pith and lime zest. - Matt Kettmann, 9/1/2019

    Sta. Rita Hills
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Chill Santa Barbara ocean vibes are coming for you! Oh yes, this Sta. Rita Hills Chardonnay, from the well-coveted and well-accoladed John Sebastiano Vineyard, is smooth, chill, and totally elegant. It’s California surf life minus the raspy, slow-talking surfer dudes. What it does have is a distinct lemony, limey, salty thing going on that is very characteristic of Sta. Rita Hills (those limestone soils man). On top of that, there’s beautiful white flower blossoms, nutty aromas, bright acid and flavors of pear and wet stone. It’s a lovable and graceful Chardonnay, and for the price we were fortunate to score, you’ll want to stock up (there isn’t a lot, that’s for sure!).

The story behind Stringer is a charming one. Wisconsin-born, Casey Stringer, caught the wine lifestyle bug on an impromptu visit to Napa while scouting colleges in California. He was enamored with the landscape and laidback nature of us Napkins who bask in our surroundings whilst enjoying locally crafted wines in our magical California sunshine. Ahhh, the good life….sorry, we got distracted. Anyway, he worked with the likes of Robert Sinskey, Archery Summit, Jonata and even had a few stints in New Zealand. And though he fell in love with a girl during a family visit to Wisconsin and ended up staying for a few years, he was able to get wine shipped there to keep making wine. Eventually though, he found himself, and his family, drawn back to our chill California vibes and has since setup shop in Windsor, CA. 

$24 with a 90pt score from Wine Enthusiast, you’re going to love it!


Tangy notes of lemon, lime and sea salt with white flower blossoms, nutty aromas, bright acid and flavors of pear and wet stone.


Stringer is a whole family affair: Casey serves as lead winemaker, his father Chip oversees operations, his brothers, Andrew and Tim, help with marketing and sales and his wife, Brooke can often be found pouring tastings behind the bar. Their winemaking philosophy is simple: Use the finest grapes they can find from the best vineyard sites in California to make small lot wines you will not soon forget. Casey employs minimalist winemaking techniques, allowing the fruit and individual vineyards to shine through in each bottle.