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Moscato d’Asti is an interesting catagory. We love drinkng these wines on blazing hot summer days or in the hot tub. At only 5%ABV this wine is showcasing the floral fruit core that Moscato is know for. Honey and wild flowers on the nose. In the glass the wine is frizzante in style with light carbination. Mandrine and honey at the core. Drink all summer long. -WB 5/17


    100% Moscato
    Moscato d'Asti, Piedmont, Italy
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Rise to Fame: Moscato d’Asti ascension to fame in the US is no surprise. It’s the light, low-alcohol wine that Italians enjoy over lunch or after the lingering dinners as a pre-dessert palate cleanser. In the land that Bacchus calls home, Moscato d’Asti is the wine that winemakers make for themselves. What’s not to love about a wine you can sip all day?

Splashy and refreshing: The light frizzante style makes these bubbles sweet but not too sweet. Refreshing and clean on the palate, the bubbles of the 2015 Cascina Alberta Moscato d’Asti ride in on a bed of fresh daffodils with hints of key lime pie. While it’s good enough to drink right out of the bottle, it’s beautiful in the glass as the light bubbles waft to the surface.

Party Pleaser: Planning a nice dinner and have a crowd coming? Have an especially delicious dessert that should shine with wine? Got some great cheese that you want to enjoy all afternoon? Then let me suggest that you invite Bacchus to your Temple. He drinks all the time, so no worries about when you show up.

Grab a glass and take stroll with Bacchus! If you’re in the mood for the definitive wine of pleasure, this is your bottle and you can share a toast with the Roman god of Pleasure.


Classically effervescent and fresh, this is a glassful of fresh apples, cut flowers, and lime zest. An off-dry palate lends a slight creamy texture and delightful finish. It’s the kind of glass that you can enjoy all day long.


Located between Vignale and Camagna, in the heart of Monferrato, Cascina Alberta sits on an isolated and quiet hilltop, just a few steps from the surrounding picturesque villages.
Here the charm of colors, bright views and good wine are renewed every season.
Monferrato is about 90Km from Turin, Milan, Genoa. In an hour you can reach the sea or the Alps. This centrality makes Monferrato pleasant to live comfortable, only for the weekend or for a special day.


An easy going picnic lunch of sandwiches and pasta salad, finger foods with friends, and fresh apple tart all go perfectly with this bottle.