90 Points & Editors' Choice - Wine Enthusiast
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"This delicious spicy white has an almost Latin flair. It smells like mango and cilantro, tastes crisp and peachy, and finishes with a sensation of mild chili peppers. It's fun to encounter something so arresting and unusual to drink."-Wine Enthusiast 

Take what Enthusiast said about this wine and double it - this wine has evolved magnificently in the bottle, and dang am I enjoying it. The spiced tropical fruits have become more elegant and nuanced, the flow and balance of this wine has really come around. An excellent fall-weather sipper. 91 Points - JZ Nov '18

    Lake County, California
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This dry and elegant Muscat Canelli aims to please, for real! As a product of Lake County’s delicous 2014 vintage, our Tasting Panel found this wine revealed sublime crispness with off-the-chart acidity, one of Winemaker Chris Christensen’s favorite qualities. It’s unexpected to drink in the very best way and a Wine Enthusiast’s Editor’s Choice, “It's fun to encounter something so arresting and unusual to drink.”

A varietal that “pops”. Deserving of adoration, Muscat Canelli may just be the oldest known grape with centuries of confirmed forwardness and transcendent bouquets. And we must declare, “Bodkin does the varietal right!” In a league of its own, it can’t be compared to any old typical Moscato.

CA’s ideal growing conditions. With an appreciation for upper Lake County’s warm climate and high elevation, the sustainably farmed Sandy Bend Vineyard is the perfect home for the somewhat offbeat small-production Muscat Canelli. We give a delightful shout out to Owners The Schlies Family and Manager Larry Rogers (the same man who planted the vineyard in 1996) for their impressive farming.

A sparkling reputation. Bodkin earned a reputation with the first ever Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc made in CA. Winemaker Chris Christensen gets full credit for the Bodkin masterpieces having started at the bottom at Gallo and working his way through Michel-Schlumberger, Maurtison, The Meeker Vineyard, Armida Winery, Thomas George Estates, Medlock Ames Winery and BK Wines in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia.

Beating the odds. Chris is a first-class example of how someone with a learning disability can succeed and do better than many of his contemporaries. Diagnosed with both ADD and dyslexia, Chris acknowledges them as challenges and knows he has to work harder than his peers. He also refuses to let them keep him from doing what he loves, and from being damn good at it too!


Fruity, nice perfume, honeysuckle and melon aromas, lively rounded mouth-feel. Elegant, fresh and medium-bodied.


The story of Bodkin Wines starts on a muddy field outside the town of Agincourt in the north of France on the 25th of October, 1415. Small in numbers, starved for days and ravaged by sickness an English army of 5,000 peasant archers and 1,000 knights, led by their 28-year-old King found itself trapped. Sanding between English and the safety of their land was an army of nearly 30,000 of the wealthiest and best armed men in all of France ready for battle--giddy to collect the ransom of a king. But no ransom was to be collected. For on that day, the feast day of Saints Crispin and Crispinian, Henry V and his army of peasant bowmen with their armor-piercing bodkin-pointed arrows gave history a story that inspired Shakespeare to pen a legend for the ages.


Delicious wine to pair with Seafood salads, and Smoked fish, especially smoked salmon and eel.