Prosecco DOC
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    Aged in stainless steel and in bottle.

You would be hard pressed to find two people more Friuli-obsessed than Bobby Stuckey and Lachlan Patterson. Even within Friuli their true passion for the region elicits some curious head scratching and warm Italian chuckles from the humble wine-makers and restaurateurs. Tuscany, sure. Rome, of course. But to be a complete Friuliophile? Yet that is a title they both wear proudly.

After working together at The French Laundry, Bobby as a Master Sommelier and Lachlan as a chef de partie, they moved to Boulder Colorado with the dream of opening a neighborhood restaurant. One fateful trip to Friuli, complete with carsickness from the winding roads of the Alps, traditional Friulian fare, and lots and lots of amazing local wine was enough to seal their fate. They came back to Boulder and opened Frasca Food and Wine, a restaurant dedicated to the cuisine and culture of Friuli.

Coming from the home of Prosecco, this is entirely sourced from Valdobiedenne, one of the three superior villages for Prosecco production, located in the Veneto. The rolling hills of this amazing country side inspire wines of great vibrancy and freshness.

The grapes are harvested and put directly into the press for a soft pneumatic pressing. After pressing the must is allowed to settle and clarify. Primary fermentation takes place in stainless steel over the course of two weeks at temperatures between 64-68 degrees F. After primary fermentation the base wines are blended into the final cuvée. The secondary fermentation takes place in tank nearly two months at lower temperatures than primary keeping subtle aromatics in place. At end of the ferment, the temperature is taken down to 32 degrees F leaving some residual sugar in the wine.