90% Shiraz - 10% Malbec
    South Australia
  • SIZE
    2,500 cases

Like a 32 waist in a fat man store, Misfit Wine Co. doesn't seem to fit in. At the heart of this outfit are 3 unexpected wine souls, all about the produce, not about conforming to the current ideology of the 'wine selling set.' Chris Columbus wanna-be's are in business; Misfits is a part of a whole new winemaking culture ready to be discovered. Misfits Productions rejects convention, doing whatever it takes to make the best product possible.

Who are these eccentric Bohemians? None other than Some Young Punks & Adelina's own tattooed boy wonder, Colin McBryde, global wine overlord, Marquis Sauvage and VSI's own fearful leader, Ronnie Sanders. Misfits really doesn't do the term justice to quantify the uniqueness of these three.This is a classic blend…hah. Really nothing classic about the blend. A Rhône varietal and a Bordeaux varietal? Certainly. It wasn’t that long ago that Syrah (Hermitage) was sneaking itself into Bordeaux as the Bordelais had a love affinity for Syrah. Swap a few barrels and accidently do some blending! Fast forward to modern day Australia though and you have scantily clad ladies running away from a crazed biker gang. Malbec and Shiraz is just the beginning of the madness. The story on the back label does much better justice.


Dark red. Aromas of blueberry, boysenberry and woodsmoke, with a subtle floral note in the background. Offers intense cherry, blue fruit liqueur and spicecake flavors that become sweeter as the wine opens in the glass, picking up a peppery nuance along the way. Shows very good depth and a hint of jamminess on the long, supple finish, which is framed by smooth, fully absorbed tannins. A real fruit bomb in an attractive way, but it also has the structure to support its flamboyant berry character.