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Soft floral nose; smooth, elegant citrus and honey with lovely balance and graceful style; a racy core of acidity wrapped in a gentle, lush embrace; a delightful wine that captures all the nuances of this noble variety. Organic. -The Tasting Panel

    Santa Lucia Highlands
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From the winery:

Native to Germany, the noble Riesling grape is the basis of some of the world’s most prized and longest-lived white wines.

The Double L Vineyard is at the northern tip of the Santa Lucia Highlands. Here the ultra-cool climate and porous, mountainside soils provide ideal conditions for growing world-class Riesling.

The 2017 vintage commenced with a refreshingly wet winter with rainfall totals about 40% above average, flushing vineyard soils of built up salts, and promoting healthy root and cover crop growth in the early season. Bud break occurred in mid-March and fruit set in mid-May. The winter’s rains acted as a double-edged sword, deferring the need to irrigate until June in many areas, but also requiring heavy shoot thinning, leafing, and hedging, as vine canopies were quite vigorous. Temperatures were average through August, though September saw three heat waves, making picking decisions challenging and fruit sorting imperative. The hard work resulted in wines with a rich fruit core, underlaid by an elegance from the early and mid-season cool temperatures. 

Our Riesling grapes were foot stomped and then left on the skins for 12 hours before pressing. Freshness and bright fruit character were preserved by cold fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Fermentation was arrested by quickly chilling down the tanks to achieve an off-dry style and low alcohol.


From the winery:

In the glass, the 2017 Morgan Riesling displays a graceful, appealing nose of nectarine, lime blossom, and honey. Traditional Riesling flavors of lemon meringue and green apple work beautifully with the wine’s refreshingly bright acidity. The wine’s slightly off-dry style and brisk acidity keep it balanced and fresh (much like a traditional German “Kabinett”).


From the winery:

The Lee family started Morgan in 1982. Located in the Santa Lucia Highlands of Monterey, the winery receives grapes from the family's organic vineyard, the Double L Vineyard, and a few select neighbors. The Double L is densely planted with 11 clones of Pinot Noir with rows oriented north-south for optimal sun exposure and interception of the cool breezes from the Monterey bay. This cool low yeilding area is becoming known as the "Cote d'Or of California" and produces wonderful Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Morgan also produces Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah from the various microclimates of Monterey.


From the winery:

This wine is a natural pairing for spicy Asian-Fusion cuisine, shellfish, cream-sauced pastas, lighter cheeses and crème brûlée.