88% Carignan 12% Valdiguié (Napa gamay)
    Napa Valley
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With the popularity of Rosé growing over the years coupled with the scarcity of
old-vine varietals, the challenge has been: how to keep traditional style Provençalstyle Rosé, La Grenouille Rouganté, based in old-vine, heritage varietals. Initially a 100% Valdiguie wine and over the years, blended in a splash or two of other heritage grapes from their Estate Rossi vineyard such as Carignane, Charbono and even Zinfandel to add depth and nuance.

From Recently, when my son Rory—our vineyardist and owner of Calder Wines—told me about an old-vine Carignane vineyard up in Mendocino, I was intrigued. Planted in 1942, this vineyard has been farmed by the Ricetti family for four generations. So with an idea in mind, Rory and I drove up to Mendocino to meet the Ricetti family. Pulling up to their fabulous vineyard and seeing those 75 yearold, organically grown and dry-farmed vines was love at first sight. A deal was quickly struck. We are honored and excited that these special grapes are now part of our La Grenouille Rouganté…and we are even more excited to have more wine to share with you.
--John Williams, Winemaker 


Delicate floral aromas and fresh fruit flavors come together in this classic Provençal style rose.

From the Winery: Rosés are made in two primary ways. The saignée method draws juice off from a red wine ferment before it gains significant color and then ferments that juice like a white wine. This method is often a byproduct of wanting to strengthen the red wine you are producing. A darker more alcoholic and intense rosé is the inevitable result. Frog's Leap makes its La Grenouille Rouganté in what we call the intentional method. That is to say the wine is harvested and produced like a white wine receiving only a small amount of color from the grape. The result is a wine that has the brightness and acidity more common to white wines.

The 2018 La Grenouille Rouganté is a shining example of a wine of pure intention. A bright, friendly wine perfect for that spring picnic. That said if you want to pair this wine with something more complex we encourage you. The wine has great pedigree and plenty of boldness to hold up to even the most challenging