100% Zinfandel
    Napa Valley
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    Aged 12 months in barrels, 50% new American oak. ,
    3,018 six-packs

The  Pelissa  vineyard  is  located  on  Oakville  Crossroads  directly  behind  our  family winery, creating this  Estate grown & produced Zinfandel. With  Napa  Valley  elegance, this single  vineyard Zinfandel  offers  layer s  of  complex aromas and flavors. Bursting with bright, dark fruits and hints of vanilla, black pepper, and  violet  undertones.  This  wine  is  balanced  with  intricate  oak  essences.  A  smooth, luscious, and velvet finish that coats your palate will keep you sipping for more.


Winemaker Notes: The Pelissa vineyard is located on Oakville Crossroads directly behind our family winery, creating one of the only true Estate grown & produced Zinfandels from the Oakville AVA.

With Napa Valley elegance, this single vineyard Zinfandel offers layers of complex flavors. Bursting with aromas of dense, deep dark fruits like blackberry with dusty undertones. This wine is balanced with integrated oak essences of cedar and vanilla notes. A smooth, luscious, and velvet finish with framing tannins, that coats your entire palate, will keep you sipping for more...


Since 1903 our family has harvested grapes in Napa Valley supplying some of Napa Valley’s most prestigious wineries with our fruit. In 2006 we launched our own brand; Ghost Block. Our finest fruit has been chosen to make exceptional and collectable Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon. Each of our single vineyard wines are produced from our certified organically grown vineyards.

Ghost Block MorgaenLee Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc is made in the French Sur Lie fashion. This allows the wine to have a rich texture while retaining the crisp and mouth-watering qualities that only Sauvignon Blanc can offer.

Ghost Block Estate Cabernet Sauvignon comes from our Rock Cairn Vineyard. These 32 or so acres offer us a 100% Cabernet Sauvignon with that signature flavor profile that the Oakville AVA is so famous for.

Ghost Block Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon comes from a vineyard in a beautiful location of 16 acres in Yountville. Blessed with great sun exposure on a hillside setting, Ghost Block Single Vineyard Cabernet is our flagship wine, very limited and allocated.

Ghost Block Pelissa Vineyard Zinfandel comes from a 60 acre vineyard in the Oakville AVA that contains 9 acres of Zinfandel within.

The “ghosts” honored on the label are pioneer winemakers who rest in
peace in a tiny 150-year-old cemetery near the Rock Cairn Vineyard this wine is from. The family who makes the wine has harvested that vineyard for at least 100